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The annual year-end closing is a main and mandatory part of the accountancy of each company. After each year ends, follow balance and determination of the result of the business activity. The accounting financial result is the difference between the reported income and earnings and the costs and losses.

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Paying of taxes is very unpleasant thing, but we can make it bearable, especially when you pay exact as much, as it is necessary and not a cent more. This is easy when you relate on us. You will receive the whole necessary help you need in relation to the taxation and the preparation of the ongoing and annual tax declarations within the legal deadlines and under constantly control of your accounting documents.

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Each business needs a “legitimation” in front of the other participants in the business filed – consumers, competitors, suppliers and partners. With the accounting services which we will provide you, we will distinguish you and will give you a competitive advantage before the others; we will give a possibility for stability and prosperity for your business. And all of this is possible, only because you will have trustful and prompt accountancy information so that you can make fast and successful managing decisions.