Company registration in Bulgaria and Germany

When you start a business it is particularly important to choose a right legal form. With the help of our partners in Bulgaria and Germany you will receive full, concrete and trustful information about the legal and tax regime as well as the peculiarities of your business.

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  • Consultation about the most suitable legal form for the company towards to the activity;
  • Check and reservation of a company’s name;
  • Preparation of the documents for the establishment of the company in Bulgarian and German/English language;
  • Assistance in the opening of an account for the deposit of the company’s foundation capital in a bank of your choice;
  • Assistance in the opening of company’s payment account/s, including online banking;
  • Providing of a trade register excerpt (with legalized translation/apostille);
  • Temporary provision of a company’s address in Bulgaria;
  • Preparation and submission of documents in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Ongoing accounting and consulting of companies in Bulgaria

Each business needs a “legitimation” in front of the other participants in the business filed – consumers, competitors, suppliers and partners. With the accounting services which we will provide you, we will distinguish you and will give you a competitive advantage before the others; we will give a possibility for stability and prosperity for your business. And all of this is possible, only because you will have trustful and prompt accountancy information so that you can make fast and successful managing decisions.

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  • Determining of the accountancy policy and preparation of an individual chart of accounts;
  • Ongoing accounting;
  • Drawing up of interim or annual financial statements;
  • Preparation of accounting information and reports for internal and external needs;
  • Budgeting and planning of the finances and the liquidity;
  • Assistance by the tax inspections from the tax office (NAP);
  • Ongoing advice on legal and economic issues;
  • Storage of company papers according to the statutory time limits.

Labor, wages and staff in Bulgaria and Germany

Having in mind the increasing fines and the frequent change of the regulations in the labor and social security legislation, it is good for you to have someone to depend on when you prepare the employment contracts and all supporting documents to the personal acts of your staff. You will receive the necessary information about the social contributions due on time, so that you can successfully manage your cash-flow.

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  • Drawing up individual employment and civil contracts;
  • Drawing up working regulations and internal rules for the wage;
  • Drawing up work-schedules and orders in relation to the working regulations;
  • Calculation of wages and preparation of payrolls;
  • Monthly drawing up payment orders about the social contributions due;
  • Monthly preparation and submission of all necessary notifications and declarations in relation to the labor and civil contracts;
  • Storage of documents in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act;
  • Support by the tax inspections from the tax office.

Taxation and tax advisory

Paying of taxes is very unpleasant thing, but we can make it bearable, especially when you pay exact as much, as it is necessary and not a cent more. This is easy when you relate on us. You will receive the whole necessary help you need in relation to the taxation and the preparation of the ongoing and annual tax declarations within the legal deadlines and under constantly control of your accounting documents.

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  • Drawing up monthly, quarterly and annual tax declarations of natural persons and legal entities;
  • Preparation and submission of all necessary documents for the VAT registration;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly VAT returns;
  • Consultations about the implementation of the double taxation convention with Germany and Austria;
  • Fiscal planning and optimizing;
  • Support by the withholding tax refund;
  • Tax advisory in relation to business reorganization;
  • Consulting about the taxation and social security of workers and employees seconded in Germany.

Annual tax year-end closing

The annual year-end closing is a main and mandatory part of the accountancy of each company. After each year ends, follow balance and determination of the result of the business activity. The accounting financial result is the difference between the reported income and earnings and the costs and losses. This determination is followed by the determination of the tax result that complies with the tax laws.
To be calm and sure of the accuracy of the determined result of your business activity, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Preparation of annual statements of all legal forms in Bulgarian, German or English language;
  • Preparation of annual tax declaration and its annexes;
  • Preparation of opening and liquidation balance on liquidation;
  • Consulting about the publicity of the financial reports;