Each business needs a “legitimation” in front of the other participants in the business filed – consumers, competitors, suppliers and partners. With the accounting services which we will provide you, we will distinguish you and will give you a competitive advantage before the others; we will give a possibility for stability and prosperity for your business. And all of this is possible, only because you will have trustful and prompt accountancy information so that you can make fast and successful managing decisions.

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  • Determining of the accountancy policy and preparation of an individual chart of accounts;
  • Ongoing accounting;
  • Drawing up of interim or annual financial statements;
  • Preparation of accounting information and reports for internal and external needs;
  • Budgeting and planning of the finances and the liquidity;
  • Assistance by the tax inspections from the tax office (NAP);
  • Ongoing advice on legal and economic issues;
  • Storage of company papers according to the statutory time limits.